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Project Overseas 2018-2019

Project Overseas – Teachers Teaching Teachers is a joint endeavor between the Canadian Teachers’ Federation (CTF) and its provincial and territorial affiliates, including OECTA. This project allows OECTA to give their members the opportunity to provide teaching assistance in developing countries. The purpose of Project Overseas (PO) is to improve the quality of education in Canada and in developing countries. Although the focus of PO is teacher professional development, the primary goal is improved teaching and learning for students around the world. Working towards quality public Education for All (EFA) is the driving force behind all aspects of CTF’s International Cooperation Programs.

All of the applications sent into OECTA are reviewed by the Educational Aid Committee. Once the candidates are selected, the final applications are sent to CTF. The successful applicants are sent to a developing country, usually in Africa or the Caribbean, to conduct professional development in-services for their overseas colleagues. While projects can take place at any time during the year, the projects are held mostly in July and August. Although candidates may have indicated a particular country as their preference, successful applicants should be prepared to be assigned to any location.

It is required that applicants be Canadian citizens, have at least five years teaching experience in Canada and be a member of a CTF affiliate. Additional criteria are listed on the OECTA website. Applications for Project Overseas 2018-2019 are now posted on our web site: catholicteachers.ca

A PDF version of the application has been attached to this memo for your convenience.

Applications will only be accepted via email. Please scan and email completed applications to project_overseas@oecta.on.ca

OECTA PO Application Form 2018-2019

PO 2019 Frequently Asked Questions

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PO 2019 Information for Applicants

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