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Safe Schools Reporting

Safe Schools Act

The Safe Schools provisions found in Bill 157 and Bill 13 state that when any Board employee observes behaviours that could lead to suspension or expulsion, they have a duty to respond/intervene and then if the behaviour is one that can lead to a suspension or a suspension pending expulsion to report using the Safe Schools Reporting Form I.

One must respond/intervene when there is, for example, incidents of bullying behaviour, violence, aggression, vandalism. The fact that a student may be an FDK student or a student with exceptionalities is irrelevant at this stage in the process. When a board employee sees any of these behaviors he/she must respond/intervene. If the board employee is going to put his/her own safety at immediate risk by responding/ intervening he/she is not obligated to physically intervene. This is also true if the response/intervention will cause immediate harm to a student. The intervenor must then report any behaviour that can lead to a suspension or expulsion by filling out the Safe Schools Reporting Form I, making a photocopy for themselves and providing the original to the principal. Once that’s done an employee’s legal obligation under the Act has been met. If a teacher does not comply with the Act, he/she can become the subject of a complaint to the OCT. This may in turn lead to an investigation by the college. Ignorance of the law is no defense. The principal has an obligation, under the Act, to conduct an investigation, considering all mitigating circumstances. The principal must then provide a receipt – copy of his/her part ll report to the employee who filled out the form and have a meeting with the reporting member where information is provided as to the nature of the response by the principal. All Safe Schools forms must have a number assigned to them and the same number must be affixed on the receipt.

Principals and the board must make staff aware of their legal obligation to respond/intervene and report. They cannot discourage employees from filling out the forms. Boards and Administration can also be reported to the College for non-compliance. Your principals have the Safe Schools Reporting forms in your

Safe Schools Reporting Form